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Treatment Guarantee

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Pay a little more , Save a lot

Spark&Aura’s treatment guarantee covers Wet, Dry, Ocular, Neuro four forms of FIP.
Parents have a guarantee that continue treatment at 50% price of origial Spark&Aura injections or pills products if the FIP cat has a relapses or needs extended treatment after 84 days.

Reduce stress

With treatment guarantee, we are more confident that our lovely cat can be cured well, and we will have more perfect treatment guidance as well as great service, it saves us away from being so nervous and helpless for relapse treatment.

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Save costs

You can't imagine our cat has gained much weight when we need extended treatment, and cats also requires a higher dose than the initial dose, which will be a large expense. Fortunately, this treatment guarantee saves us a lot.

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Benefits of Guarantee Services

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How to perform Treatment Guarantees?

Cat Parents apply for treatment guarantees should join Facebook group "FIP Cats Treatment with Spark&Aura group;"

Parents should make a treatment post on the Facebook page “FIP Cats Treatment with Spark& Aura” group to begin the treatment, post contains laboratory report on the diagnosis including CBC and Chemistry blood test panels, walking videos, and eye photos;

After you beginning with the Spark&Aura treating and making the post, Please submit the Google form: “Lab Blood records” with diagnose CBC and Chemistry panels on it to E-mail dmyqlaw@163.com, then you will receive a reply e-mail for guarantee confirming from Spark&Aura worker.

During the FIP treatment period, Spark&Aura injection or oral tablets must be used for at least 84 consecutive days,Parents reserve the guarantee when switch between injectuins and pills;
(Note: Parents may start with a different brand for up to two weeks but must still complete consecutive 84 days with Aura&Spark Products) ;

Unit dosage of Wet or Dry forms shall be at least 6 mg/kg, Ocular symptoms shall begin with 10 mg/kg, Neuro symptoms shall begin with 12 mg/kg;

Parents shall obtain and submit new CBC and Chemistry panels at week 4, 8. 12 and record it in the Google form: “Lab Blood records”, then send these test results and Google Form link to e-mail "dmyqlaw@163.com" within 1-2 days, no more than  one week;
(Note:Please contact worker if there is problem with Google recording;)

Parents shall submit products order screenshoot timely to E-mail "dmyqlaw@163.com" and note the products version and amount,no later than 2 days

Aura&Spark Team reserves the right to require extending the treatment days and dosage adjustment during the treatment period if the blood marker indicate is not cleared or FIP improves slowly,Spark Team take the admin's opinion when make a treatment advice;

Weight gaining and A/G going up is very important during the  treatment process of FIP, if FIP cat has a slowly weight gaining and A/G going up, please contact E-mail "dmyqaw@163.com" and inform Spark&Aura workers as well as admin timely;
(Reference: Cat should gain weight at least 0.5 kg within one month and about 1 kg within two month, Cats should also get A/G went up within 6 weeks;

Spark&Aura Team never give up cats choose them. Spark&Aura will provide half price guarantee for cat's extent treatment if there is a relapse or extend treatment need.

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