24H-2 kg tablets can be used as an alternative to injections. It is used for cats have mild symptom and it provide convenience taken once in one day. It is recommend to use at early treatment stage

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Aura PLUS,A new type of FIP treatment option, by inhibiting the replication of feline coronavirus to achieve the requirements of the treatment of FIP. It is the latest treatment method besides GS,which show good treatment effiency for hard cases of relapse, especially FIP cases that have no significant response to GS or GC.


Feline infectious peritonitis, loss of appetite, recurrent fever, jaundice, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, certain moist cat abdominal symptoms of pleural and ascites exudation, post-driving weakness, iris disease and other certain dry Fatigue caused by cats.

RNA viruses such as feline coronavirus that cause feline infectious peritonitis.

Treatment mechanism:
Focus on the Feline Infectious Peritonitis of cats, it could inhibit the gene replication of cat coronavirus and hinder the virus reproduction.

Wet fip: 1 pill/4kg/12 hours;

Neuro fip : 1 pill/2kg/12 hours;
(Note: fast for 20 minutes before and after taking Aura PLUS oral pills ).

Aura-FA, liver protection, etc.

FIP treatment:

The dosage depends on the severity of the symptoms. The dosage plays a  important role in cats fip treatment, there are cats usually relapse due to an inadequate dose and Incorrect treatment.

Follow your veterinarian or medicine Supply treatment recommendations and guidance. The 84-day course of treatment plays an important role in determining whether FIP has healed successfully. FIP disease is not same as a common inflammatory disease caused by a virus and requires careful treatment and close observation.

(Note: Please consult your veterinarian or website customer service for specific dosages)

1 pill * 50 mg;

Storage conditions:
Room temperature, avoid light and humidity;

Shelf time:
24 months;

Additional information


>=12 mg(15 mg/ml * 0.8 ml)


FIP Cats


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