Aiming at the Feline Infectious Peritonitis of cats, it can inhibit the gene replication of cat coronavirus and hinder the virus reproduction.

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PLEASE NOTE:  It’s only for cats have been involved in   TREATMENT GUARANTES.

Don’t order it directly. We won’t deliver it out  if you haven’t favor to order at half price.

For more informations, please search treatment guarantees on our website.

  • Order process:

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  1. If you have an admin who willl ship parcel to you, Choose “pick up from local” shipment option, and ask your admin for code filled in the text;
  2. If you don’t have an admin who ship parcel to you, Choose “flat shipment” shipment option, text write : NO ADMIN;(In fact,we need to calculate the real shiment fee based on the diffenent country and shipment company)
  • How to treat: 
  1. Confirm the cat’s right dosage sincerely with experienced FIP teatment vets or admins based on the definite symptoms. Usually, Dosage of Wet or Dry FIP start with 6-8 mg/kg; Dosage of Ocular FIP start with 8-10 mg/kg; Dosage of Neuro FIP start with 10-12 mg/kg; Dosage are different based on the different degrees of severity of ymptoms. Dosage is very important ,or cats will have a relapse with not enough dosage;
  2. Follow the treatment advice and guide of vet or admins, the treatment process during 84 days plays a important role to decide if FIP is cured well. FIP disease is not different from common inflamation diseases caused by virus, it needs a carefully treatment and much observation ;

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20 mg/ml


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