Aura 15mg /ml injection is the most widely used and safest concentration. Suitable for cats with infectious peritonitis of all ages and forms of symptoms, especially young cats. Amost no cats are not adapted to the concentration of 15.

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Aura 15mg/ml injection is the most widely used and safest concentration. Suitable for cats with infectious peritonitis of all ages and forms of symptoms, especially young cats. Almost no cats are not adapted to the concentration of 15.

Feline infectious peritonitis, loss of appetite, recurrent fever, jaundice, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, certain moist cat abdominal symptoms of pleural and ascites exudation, post-driving weakness, iris disease and other certain dry Fatigue caused by cats.

RNA viruses such as feline coronavirus that cause feline infectious peritonitis.

Treatment mechanism:
Focus on the Feline Infectious Peritonitis of cats, it can inhibit the gene replication of cat coronavirus and hinder the virus reproduction.

Usually 0.4-0.8 ml/kg, subcutaneous injection once every 24 hours;
(Note: Intramuscular, intravenous, and other injection methods are not recommended).

Water, Aura-FA, Peg 400, Propylene Glycol, etc.

FIP treatment:
1. Check with an experienced FIP papillary veterinarian or administrator in good faith for the correct dose of cat, depending on the obvious symptoms. Wet or dry FIP administration usually begins at 6~8 mg/kg. The dose of FIP in the eye starts at 8~10 mg/kg. Neurological Symptomatology FIP doses start at 10~12 mg/kg and can be increased to 10~30 mg/kg after recurrence.

The dosage depends on the severity of the symptoms. The dose is very important, otherwise the cat will relapse due to an inadequate dose.

2. Follow your veterinarian or West Supply treatment recommendations and guidance. The 84-day course of treatment plays an important role in determining whether FIP has healed successfully. FIP disease is not same as a common inflammatory disease caused by a virus and requires careful treatment and close observation.

(Note: Please consult your veterinarian or website customer service for specific dosages)

15 mg/ml * 5.2 ml;

Storage conditions:
Room temperature, avoid light and humidity;

Shelf time:
10~12 months;

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15 mg/ml


5.2 ml

1 review for FIP Immunorehabilitation supplement Spark&Aura 15 mg/ml

  1. Tinni‘ mother

    Tinni is cured!
    Tinni was diagnosed with dry FIP in early February of this year. He was totally listless and ate only a little bit of treats now and then and lapped up a little goat milk.
    We didn’t know about FIP Warriors or any treatment options until in May. During this time, Tinni was slowly wasting away. He was only 2.9 kg around the middle of May when he started treatment. Tinni took Spark/Aura pills every day for the next three months. He was enthusiastic about the pills, as they were dipped in a little bit of cat smoothie.
    It took only a few days for us to start to see a change in him. He showed more interest in food and water and paid
    attention to what was going on around him. Slowly he started to eat more, put on weight, run around at a high speed and enthusiastically wrestle with his sister. He also started to tease us and figure out new climbing opportunities. Tinni was back and loved his life! His improvement was clear in the blood tests throughout the process. Now after three months of observation,
    his blood profile is wonderful, and he weighs 5.7 kg. It is a miracle, but Tinni is out of observation and has been declared cured! We want to thank the whole FiP Warrior network for all the support through these difficult times and the suppliers of the medication. Special thanks go to Chris Hart and Serena. The treatment really works, and we are grateful to have had access to it. We wish those who are starting this journey good fortune and hope they will experience this amazing cure. This has been a tough trip and we are thankful to have our boy back. We hope to have many years together with him and that he will grow old with his best friend and litter mate Tara.

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