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Welcome veterinarians to join in to
study the treatment of FIP.

Our Vision


We are committed to developing high-efficiency and high-quality FIP treatment products, and cooperating with feline experts in the industry, veterinarians, and feline infectious peritonitis research scholars to continuously improve the cure rate of FIP, reduce the relapse rate, and contribute to the clinical research of FIP.

All FIP Cats Are Curable With FIP

Good-quality and affordable FIP Solution

Our Mission


Make parents to share high-quality products and services at reasonable and affordable prices. We are committed to continuously improving product quality and services, providing parents with more assured treatment protection, providing better treatment for cats, paying attention to cat health, and creating a better life for cat parents.

Professional & Effieny For Your Study

We are willing to accept scientific tests
from any chemical institution.

We are willing to double the compensation if there is any quality problem after test.

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How to order products at half price guarantee ?

The half-price guarantee product is for cats who have been using Aura products for 84 days and have relapsed or need prolonged treatment, whether using injections or tablets.



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